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Family Owned and Operated with 5 star Customer Service

About Us

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Island Vibez Watersport Rentals

We are a family owned and operated mobile jet ski rental business serving the Orlando and Central Florida surrounding areas where we bring the watercraft to you.  Randy is from the U.S. Virgin Islands - St. Croix where he grew up along the beautiful beaches and crystal clear water of the Caribbean all while Katie grew up in the Midwest specifically Illinois where she enjoyed boating on the lake with her family.  We both met in Orlando, FL and that is where our journey began together.  Therefore, we created Island Vibez Watersport Rentals so we can share our love and passion for adventure and the water with you.  Life can be stressful or hard at times but when on the water all of those worries go away and we just enjoy life to the fullest!

Our Mission

There is no doubt that jet ski rentals are some of the best ways to have fun in the sun. We want you to feel the adrenaline in your veins with the thrill of riding our luxury jet skis or taking a tour through Central Florida waterways including the chain of lakes.


Island Vibez Watersport Rentals of Central Florida offers a step up from the old school way of enjoying jet skis.  First, we offer high end, brand new jet skis including Seadoos and Yamaha Waverunners that are top of the line compared to the lower end models giving you a much smoother and safer ride.  Second, we don't make you ride in circles in one place, but rather, you can explore the waterways in freestyle.


Our mission is to give you the best experience on the water that you can possibly have paired with the best customer service around!

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Special Occasions

  • Date Nights

  • Proposals

  • Birthday Parties or Birthday Activity

  • Family Reunions

  • Graduations

  • Tourist Attraction

  • Celebrate an Anniversary 

  • Holiday Celebrations 

  • Company Retreats

  • Or just celebrate a special occasion

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